Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Comments from Cristi Clement:

Sometimes people think that the Pedernales Electric Cooperative is a municipal utility or public power.

It is not.

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) is a private business, a utility owned by the members it serves.

On behalf of our member/owner community, PEC has become a industry-recognized leader providing outstanding service and reasonably priced electricity to homes and businesses. We have been providing service to our members for more than 70 years.

At PEC, our members are also our owners. That’s why we strive to make doing business easier and more convenient. Our business is conducted via a transparent and democratic process and we encourage our members to participate in and review our work.

We are engaged in efforts to improve our members’ lives and safeguard their interests.

We take pride in partnering with local organizations and leading educational programs within the communities we serve. As a result our official PEC website is a treasure trove of information that can save you money. We encourage everyone to use the resources we have provided.

PEC has illuminated cities and helped the Hill Country grow and prosper since 1938.

We’re proud of our heritage and excited about the possibilities the future will bring. From next-generation energy delivery methods and conservation and efficiency programs, we are always working to benefit our members while helping to protect the communities we share.

As communities, members and providers, we’ve weathered ice storms, tornadoes, floods and droughts. At every level of our organization, we’re dedicated to providing reliable electric service with rapid restoration after interruptions.

This is an organization our member/owners can be proud of.

Helping Empower Our Members and Power Our Communities