Cristi For PEC

CristiFBCardIt has been a privilege to serve PEC members as District 1 Director since 2009. With your continued support, I am seeking another term to continue our work: Building our “new” PEC.

The past six years have resulted in monumental reforms and improvements within PEC. I willingly invested my time, energy and tenacity to dig in, sort out and help deliver results. None of this was easy to do…. but such reforms were essential in order to rebuild PEC, move forward into the 21st century, and erase the scars of past leadership failures. First and foremost, restoring trust was paramount…trust from PEC members, employees, peer cooperatives and, above all, restoring PEC’s image with the general public at large.


We worked together to deliver:
The 1st ever budget,
1st ever internal audit,
1st policies for open meetings, open records, open elections,
1st Whistleblower program ever,
1st ever Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy goals,
1st ever Strategic Plan,
1st ever Directors Code of Conduct and Ethics policy.

We put into effect the 1st ever Bad Debt policy.

We established PEC’s 1st ever recurring distribution of capital credits back to members. Eligible members have received almost $70M since 2009. Paying capital credits every year is the new norm.


  • We recruited top notch executive leadership with our new Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the very 1st Chief Information/Technology Officer. We hired new internal and external General Counsel.
  • We adopted the use of updated metrics to gauge financial performance, operational efficiencies, and focused on improving employee safety. As a result, we sharply increased member-satisfaction ratings.
  • We developed solid financial forecasting ability. We can now pass rate relief back to customers quicker and with more confidence.
  • Under my tenure, we have increased member equity from a low 17% to a healthier range of 35% to 42%. Our financial policies have affirmed a sterling AA- bond rating.
  • PEC systems reliability performance rating is one of the highest in the nation at less than 1 hour outage per year per member.


  • Changing the entire PEC culture. We are opening our Board and Committee meetings to members. All votes are taken in open session.
  • Creating member forums to gain input on major initiatives, such as Cost of Service and Rate Redesign projects.
  • Launching a website for member self-service and convenience.
  • Member feedback shows overwhelming satisfaction with our open-elections process. Overall Member satisfaction is also on the rise.


  • Your “new” PEC financial position is solid and strong.
  • Improved operational efficiencies continue to lower controllable costs, and offer solutions to answer unprecedented growth along the I-35 corridor.
  • PEC is now recognized nationally as a true success story for member-led reforms.
  • PEC is positioned to maximize our business side and push the dark days of criminal mismanagement behind us. Your “new” PEC is engaged in developing a diverse energy portfolio, staying alert to energy market opportunities while remaining affordable, sustainable and reliable. We are sensitive to the energy and water nexus.

I am fiercely loyal to PEC and to Member democratic control.

I have a strong work ethic. I am tenacious in taking care of PEC and its mission. I have no other business interests than PEC and I strictly abide by the Directors Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy. I want to preserve the excellent customer service that we’re known for and be a good neighbor to the communities within our service area. The “new” PEC is worth fighting for and protecting from those with hidden agendas.

My diverse background and work experiences have served me well in helping bring about the tremendous number of positive change made thus far in the governance and management of PEC.

I spent more than 24 years as a U.S. Air Force civilian Contracting Officer in support of complex aerospace weapons systems and facilities infrastructure in the U.S. and Europe. Prior to my Air Force career, I spent 13 years as systems analyst/programmer for Union Equity Cooperative Exchange, a six-state regional commodities co-op involved in international trading and grain exports.

I earned my B.A degree with honors from the University of Oklahoma while a single working mom. I later earned by M.A. with honors in Procurement and Acquisition Management from Webster University, St. Louis.

I reside in Marble Falls with my husband, Doug Moore. We have been PEC members for almost 15 years.

Helping Empower Our Members and Power Our Communities