VOTING DEADLINE IS JUNE 12: Keep local control of your co-op

11427167_903913376337407_7957555560055107509_nThe PEC Voting deadline approaching…just a few more days to June 12. If you have voted, thank you. If you have not yet voted, be sure to vote by mail or online as soon as you can.  This will be a close race and this election is critical for PEC’s future and yours.

If you have not received your ballot or if you can’t find it, you can call the PEC Election service at 866-909-3549, Monday through Friday, and a new ballot will be sent to you via e-mail, along with an election ID, password and instruction on how to vote.

You have seen for yourself the tremendous transformation made at PEC in recent years. 

  • PEC rates are lower than national and state average residential rates at this time
  • PEC is delivering outstanding service and there are many initiatives underway to continually improve performance.
  • Capital credits pass on to members every year. 

We are on the right track, and we are working hard to reduce your electric rates further. PEC is a source of  community pride and we enjoy our independence and autonomy as PEC member/owners.

This election could change that if members don’t get involved.

There are candidates who want to privatize the co-op by opting in to a system called “customer choice”. Getting into a competitive retail market in PEC service territory is NOT A VIABLE SOLUTION to lower rates. It only deregulates the utility and opens it to profit -driven interests. Rates will be higher. Additional charges will be applied to your bill and will therefore increase the cost of your electricity far beyond the advertised rates you’ve agreed to.

The one co-op that has entered into “choice” now has higher rates than the PEC rate of $116.20 per 1000kWh.  “Choice” HAS NOT WORKED for members.

The “Choice” decision is a HIGH-RISK route to dissolve PEC. In that situation, members have to scan the market to find their own Retail Energy Provider and manage their own energy contract. Retail Energy Providers are profit driven, PEC is non-profit and you, as members, are the owners.

WORSE: “CHOICE” is an EXPENSIVE decision that IS ALSO IRREVERSIBLE ACCORDING TO STATE LAW. We would be under Public Utility Commission authority.

This is a critical election. I urge you to vote and I ask for your support. Together, we can continue our work to keep PEC locally-run and autonomous.

Thank you

Re-Elect Cristi Clement
PEC Director District 1