It is wonderful to see reform efforts begin to pay off!!

PEC has lowered rates 3 times since November 2014. That’s real savings for every member.The March 1 reduction took our total cost of $118.70/1000kWh. The May 1 reduction takes it to a $116.70 range. Our average member (1275kWh) will save about $15 per month—about $180 a year!!


PEC has moved into a favorable comparison with the state average residential rate of $117.60 — as reported by the PUC to the Texas Legislature in January. And there is more to come!!

We’re not finished; we’ll be looking for any future opportunity to lower rates again!

Lower-rate pledges have to be more than campaign rhetoric.

Rates adjustments call for a delicate balance to be achieved between systems reliability, employee safety, and the continuity of capital-credit returns to members. Sound fiscal management practices are in place now and we all benefit.

Thank you for your continued trust in PEC. It’s our coop, let’s protect it.