PEC members: Know your rights, get involved

All members of PEC will once again have an opportunity to get involved in an essential guiding principle of the cooperative model. That principle is the member democratic control, or the right for all members to choose their directors on the PEC board.

PEC is divided into 7 director districts.  Each member is assured to have a director who resides within their home district.  The Board of Directors must make decisions as a body and decide what is best for all PEC members without bias.  As PEC members, you can elect directors from Districts 1, 6 and 7 by simply voting in the upcoming PEC election on June 20, 2015.

You are assured a right to fair and open elections. Such rights were written into the PEC’s Articles of Incorporation. The elections are to be run by an independent third party, which the board cannot control.  Any member can run for a Director position if they meet the straightforward qualifications in the bylaws.

Why take the time to vote in this election?

Simple. The PEC directors form the board that makes decisions on your behalf. Their decisions affect the overall performance of the cooperative and therefore, affect you, as they impact the cost of power.

Make your voice heard by voting in every annual election. Stay involved and be informed about what is going on at PEC. The Board of Directors is accountable to you as a body, as is each director individually. Don’t be shy about asking questions. Should you want to contact me, please call me at (830) 693-6094 or via email at

The election cycle kicks in at the upcoming December 8 Board meeting. The overall election timeline will be adopted.

Beyond this meeting, here are some important benchmark dates:

  • January 20 2015 – Ballot information and candidate petitions will be posted on the website
  • Candidate hopefuls will then begin obtaining signatures for nomination
  • April 6 2015 – Candidate hopefuls return petitions and other documents to PEC headquarters
  • April 20 2015 – The PEC Board will approve all candidates and any other ballot items
  • May 21 2015 – Ballots are mailed out to members and online voting activated
  • June 20 2015 – Onsite voting only and publication of election results.

I will make an attempt at contacting as many people as possible in coming weeks. Right here and through my Facebook page, I will keep you posted on current issues, advise you on my campaign progress and always answer any questions you may have. I believe this is an incredibly important election in the life of PEC.

We’ve come a long way since 2009 when I first was elected. Still, a tremendous transformation is underway and much work needs to be done. We have a very bright future ahead, if we keep on the constructive improvement path.

Together, we can keep it going!