PEC’s Report Card is in. Performance indicators show strong positive trends.

The Board was briefed at the September 8, 2014 Committee Meeting by Jeff Kilpatrick, regional Vice President for the Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC), who presented the 2013 report on Key Ratio Trend Analysis findings.

CFC tracks over 140 separate performance factors for all cooperatives nationally, by state and also by peer size group.  This is a high level comparison view in multiple areas of business.  Each ratio is a piece of the business puzzle and requires interpretation by knowledgeable staff and provides a good place for Directors and Management to begin asking questions about the context of the data.

In short, KRTA data does not provide enough information to draw conclusions without investigative and interpretation by the Executive Team and Management.

But, a picture can paint a thousand words, is easier to understand, can present trends and establishes relationships in comparisons.

The 2013 KRTAs reflect our PEC journey through restructuring and reform in recent years.  Healthy trends across the board are cause for optimism and confirmation that we are on the right track.  We also see where we still need to improve.

One can see how PEC’s large consumer base is indeed unique in the industry, but also that PEC is becoming more cost efficient and one of the most reliable distribution coops in the US.