Putting PEC members first

It has been a privilege to serve as your PEC District 1 Director since 2009.  The past six years have resulted in monumental reforms and improvements within our co-op.

I am proud  to have helped deliver results: Our PEC is now in the best shape ever and the cost of electricity is going down. Let’s keep positive change going. Thank you for your continued support.


Reforms were essential in order to rebuild PEC, move forward into the 21st century, and erase the scars of past leadership failures.

First and foremost, restoring trust was paramount…trust from PEC members, employees, peer cooperatives and, above all, restoring PEC’s image with the general public at large.


We worked together to deliver:
The 1st ever budget,
1st ever internal audit,
1st policies for open meetings, open records, open elections,
1st Whistleblower program ever,
1st ever Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy goals,
1st ever Strategic Plan,
1st ever Directors Code of Conduct and Ethics policy.

We established PEC’s 1st ever recurring distribution of capital credits back to members. Eligible members have received almost $70M since 2009. Paying capital credits every year is the new norm.

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Helping Empower Our Members and Power Our Communities